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Driving Your Business Forward: Freight forwarding services that can move your company in the right direction

Freight Forwarding

You need to move your product overseas, but you don’t need to be overwhelmed by the paperwork and legislation. The right freight forwarding solution can change that sea of red tape into smooth sailing.

Freight forwarding with Berkshire: globalization without complication

Berkshire simplifies the globalization puzzle with a forwarding solution that can truly sail your logistics management headaches into calmer waters.

Berkshire works with an extensive network of worldwide importers and exporters to move your air and ocean-going cargo with timeliness, professionalism and competitive rates. And a broad association of customs brokers manages the muddle of documentation and regulations to ease your goods across international boundaries.

When your product lands on domestic soil, Berkshire’s logistics team is ready to deliver it to and from its port location. And when coupled with our other leading transportation management options, you have a single solution to your shipping needs.

Freight forwarding and the international shipping maze

Whoever knew how difficult it would be for you to become a worldwide competitor? Just getting your products across borders uncovers a web of complications. Beyond arranging the movement of cargo, you have to decipher government compliance laws, clearances and regulations, you have to correct tariffs and duties. And then there’s the paperwork – commercial invoices, export declarations, bills of lading.

Let Berkshire eliminate the confusion from your transportation picture. Freight forwarding services from Berkshire Transportation will make your cargo move with ease.

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