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Driving Your Business Forward: Expedited shipping services that can move your company in the right direction

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping: getting your freight where you need it, when you need it

Sometimes you just need to get your freight there now, and there is no room for error. Other times now is simply too late – you need it there yesterday! And while no one can turn back time, those situations require a logistics service provider that knows why the term expedited shipping can be an understatement. You need a partner that truly understands urgency and reliability.

When expediency is demanded, you can count on Berkshire Transportation to ship your freight with the service levels you need. Our logistics services team offers special handling and expedite options to deliver your truckload with careful execution and guaranteed service levels for time sensitive freight and narrow delivery windows.

Why expedited shipping is at the core of who we are...

The values of timeliness and dependability are ingrained in all of Berkshire's transportation services. Because even our most routine freight management solutions are handled in this way, you know that Berkshire will handle these more pressing deliveries with the sensitivity you desire. So while expedited shipping services are an option we provide, urgency and reliability are a part of who we are.

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