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Driving Your Business Forward: Refrigerated freight services that can move your company in the right direction

Refrigerated Freight

Managing refrigerated freight can be a tricky job; there’s nothing standardized about temperature sensitive transportation and storage. Yet many logistics companies maintain temp controlled freight using methods and routes that do wonders for their margins and little for the needs of your business.

Managing Refrigerated Freight with Berkshire

With Berkshire, you can now place your products in the hands of a company that provides the individualized care necessary to handle it in a safe, sound and cost effective manner. For the last 16 years, Berkshire has specialized in controlling the challenges of refrigerated and frozen freight. Though some transportation companies advertise the management of frozen and refrigerated freight, none match the proficient, responsive and friendly service of Berkshire.

Berkshire also maintains an extensive network of convenient and state-of-the-art temperature controlled warehousing facilities, all committed to the highest levels of service offered in the industry, so that your business can continue its success in any part of the country. Whether your needs allow for shared storage or a dedicated distribution facility, we offer secure and economical solutions that are customized to the demands of your business, with services including pick-and-pack, cross-docking and fulfillment. And when you’re ready to move your freight, we’ll utilize our comprehensive carrier network to deliver it with timely and distinctive treatment. Your company benefits from our experience and expertise at every point. And we protect your refrigerated freight from supplier to warehouse, and all the way to its final destination.

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