Berkshire Transportation: Logistics and Freight Management Services
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Driving Your Business Forward: Logistics management services that can move your company in the right direction

Driving your business forward...

"Berkshire Transportation helped our company grow from a $10 million dollar company with operations in three states to a $100 milion dollar company with operations in eight states. Berkshire enabled Caribou Coffee to focus on its core strengths, coffee roasting and customer service, because we had the confidence that our product would be delivered reliably in the most efficient manner."
- Founder, Caribou Coffee Company

Today Caribou Coffee operates stores in twenty states, as well as many international locations. Berkshire Transportation provides superior logistics management services where ever they need to be, from their first stores in Minnesota to every nationwide location.

Superior Logistics Management Services: About Berkshire Transportation

Berkshire Transportation was founded in 1994 upon a vision of providing customized transportation logistics management with a quality of service not delivered by other logistics companies. With experience dating back to 1970, Berkshire’s leadership saw beyond an industry filled with quote-and-go trucking companies to a place where the transport and management of your freight is fully integrated with the way you do business.

Logistics Management Services with Berkshire Today

Though much has changed in the industry since we opened our first headquarters in Minnesota, Berkshire’s commitment to quality logistics management services has not. Today our customers benefit from unparalleled insight and expertise in designing and managing to each specific freight logistics need. We analyze the needs of your unique business to find the best ways to transport your goods.

Our extensive shipping knowledge encompasses all areas of freight management – from dry to frozen and refrigerated trucking, from truckload freight to LTL trucking and local delivery services. We also boast a network of premier warehousing facilities stretching all across the continental United States. So whether you’re a small, local frozen food supplier, or you’re in need of nationwide retail logistics management services, Berkshire can tailor the most efficient and flexible freight management solution for your company.

...delivering real results and real advantages.

Berkshire understands that your business is unique. So we craft each of our solutions to your specific demands.

From LTL trucking to truckload freight to warehousing, each of our services fits distinctly around the way your product should be managed. With Berkshire your logistics framework will rest in steady hands.

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