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Driving Your Business Forward: Logistics consulting services that can move your company in the right direction

Logistics Consulting

If you’re like many midsized businesses, your logistics demands may be growing beyond your control. You know your supply chain needs optimization, but you’re not exactly sure where to begin.

Logistics Consulting with Berkshire: maximizing supply chain efficiencies

Berkshire’s logistics consulting opportunities can help you overcome your freight management challenges. By performing a comprehensive freight logistics audit and carrier network evaluation, we analyze your logistics operations to get a better handle on where your costs reside. We address your core strengths and weaknesses, we work with you to create goals and objectives, and we help ensure a successful execution.

When it comes to execution, Berkshire is there as much as you need us. From rate negotiation and carrier management to lane optimization, fuel savings and environmental efficiencies, Berkshire can provide any options you need.

Consulting with results, not buzz words

Berkshire began over 15 years ago, when a small regional company needed help optimizing their transportation services. The company went looking, and they quickly discovered the expertise and results-oriented approach of Berkshire’s founder. What began as a logistics consulting project turned into redesigned shipping program and a vital partnership. That small regional company has since grown into a national industry leader, and Berkshire Transportation has remained beside them every step of the way.

Whether you need a near term logistics consulting or a full scale supply chain management solution, Berkshire can deliver answers to every one of your questions. After all, transportation management is what we do best.

Here are just a few of the logistics consulting services we can provide:

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