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Driving Your Business Forward: Intermodal transportation services that can move your company in the right direction

Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Transportation – combining truck and rail without handling your commodity between modes – can optimize your supply chain by creating lower costs and faster deliveries. But this type of solution requires the right logistics company who knows exactly when and how it will work for you.

Intermodal transportation through Berkshire: changing the course of your freight

Berkshire’s expertise in intermodal gives you the benefit of truckload shipping at rates untouched by truck-delivered alternatives. We manage the relationship with the railroads to streamline the movement of your goods. In doing so we can reduce or even eliminate unexpected handling costs, and we can lower the impact of high and unpredictable fuel costs.

And again this solution comes to you through your single point-of-contact on Berkshire’s logistics services team, providing you a flexible and trouble-free solution. So whether you need intermodal or any other shipping option, you can look to Berkshire to get your product where you need it to be.

Getting a handle on intermodal transportation

By reducing handling, we improve the security of your shipment and lower the risk of damages and losses. And less handling also means faster delivery times, which translates to additional cost savings. Using a double-stacked container can create even greater security due to the resulting limitations in accessing your cargo.

Intermodal transportation is one of many ways Berkshire can advance the management of shipments for your company. With all of these options we can customize the exact solution you need.

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