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Driving Your Business Forward: Refrigerated transport services that can move your company in the right direction

Refrigerated Transport

It is essential that the right frozen or refrigerated transport options are available for your temperature sensitive product. But for many companies, refrigerated freight costs can sour quickly due to sluggish and ineffective transportation management solutions. And let’s face it: you’ve got other things to worry about; you should not have to fear that your products are “battling the elements” in the back of a semi truck.

Refrigerated transport with Berkshire: control your costs, protect your freight

Managing frozen and refrigerated LTL and truckload shipments is a complex business, and there’s nothing standardized about it. But many logistics companies transport temp controlled freight using runs that do wonders for their margins but do little for your schedule. You need to place your product in the hands of a company that will provide the individualized care necessary to deliver it safe and sound and in a timely manner.

Though a number of transportation companies advertise the management of frozen and refrigerated transport, none match the proficient, responsive and friendly service of Berkshire. To us there’s no such thing as a cookie cutter run – every truckload, every LTL shipment gets distinctive treatment. And this is exactly why we can confidently say that we our refrigerated logistics solutions improve your business.

A faster and more reliable refrigerated transport solution

Berkshire’s commitment to refrigerated transport dates back to our beginnings. And it should be no surprise that we excel at frozen and refrigerated logistics, because the quality and expedient service necessary to ship frozen foods and other temperature sensitive commodities is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

If you need to move temperature sensitive goods – frozen foods, dairy or other products requiring refined temperature control – Berkshire will give you the expert personalized service you need. And unlike other logistics management companies, our expertise extends beyond truckload to LTL, dedicated courier freight delivery and warehousing, giving you the refrigerated transport options you need to succeed in a delicate industry.

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